Life is too short to be wasted in frustration. Everyone needs stability and someone to face life challenges with together. Conflict is inevitable in marriages so don’t shy away from them. Learn how to master them.To achieve and enjoy harmony with your chosen spouse, it is important that both of you are matured, ready to face challenges associated with marriage and understand your different assignments. Can I then ask you, what is your personal assignment as a spouse in your marital journey?

If you cannot answer the above question succinctly, The Chemistry of Marriage: 7 Strategies that can help your marriage work and will motivate you. This book unveils some marriage secrets that can help you succeed in your relationship.

Chika Amadi in this book gives insight into important keys to help you navigate through challenges that come along with relationships to move on to build a successful indestructible marriage. She believes that the fundamental reason why marriages fail is because many a couple fail to understand the place of character and expected roles coupled with the inability to have a clearly defined line of assignments. Where responsibilities are vague and undefined, conflict is rife, divorce is inevitable. There are basic well thought out responsibilities expected of each couple to make their relationship work including: understanding your assignment, defining your long term expectation of your partner, understanding the bigger picture of your relationship, the place of friendship, character and submission in relationships.



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