AIM: Objectives

Cause: Goodnews Mediation Centre is a charity which offers counselling, mentoring and mediation services to families of any background going through family crisis. We also offer women, men and young people of ethnic minority group support through one on one counselling, family meetings and targeted seminar to empower with tools to build and maintain understanding and harmony at home. We know that there are many talented ethnic minority young boys and girls who feel marginalised and isolated? These group of young people are vulnerable and are struggling with low self esteem while some have some form of identity clashes and these puts pressure and strain on their relationship with their parents. We hope to create an atmosphere for making young people inclusive in our diverse community by creating a fun opportunity them to aspire and achieve their dreams. We also hope to help minimise the impact of identity crisis on families.

Problem: many parents struggle to understand how to balance their social and faith lifestyle to align with British values in bringing up their children. This leads to frustration among the young people and causes family tension. These unresolved problems cause restlessness which can eventually lead the young people to start hanging out with the wrong crowd. This most Likely leads to family crisis with break-ups as end result.


1.Engaging our young people in worthwhile projects and reducing anti social behaviour among ethnic minority groups.

2.Psychological needs: Motivate them, encourage good morals and building confidence

3.Create a forum for discussions and learning of British culture and value

4.Integration: Giving church going young people to remain in touch with their community

5.To promote better understanding between parents and their young children as well as husbands and wives.